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Artemis and the nymphs by *shley77

#modernized mythology? #modernized mythology #artemis owns a nightclub called Selene; across town her brother apollo has staked his claim with Sol #dionysus probably owns a club too though his is more popular with the younger clubbing set; the ones who want to do #coke lines in the bathroom and every other person you bump into offers you X; there are back rooms specifically designated for orgies #and you’re no one until you’ve got some outrageous story from Dion’s club #but Apollo and Artemis’s places are much classier; for unwinding with the upper set #poets and artists and literati at Apollo’s; women and athletes and outdoorsmen at Artemis’s #Zeus is probably the CEO of whatever conglomeration secretly bankrolls them #Leto was probably his secretary or his coworker and they had to hide their affair unless his wife found out #god it’s so easy to adapt these stories it’s almost like human nature hasn’t changed in the last few millennia (via notbecauseofvictories)